giada alexia nigro

Actress | Graphic Designer | Media Student

White Feather

Giada Alexia Nigro is a proud Canadian of Italian descent who has grown up in admiration and appreciation of the arts and culture, drawing upon inspiration from her family roots in southern Italy. Giada has long been a contributor and active participant in the arts. This passion for the arts and her zeal to convey emotive stories has culminated in her focus on cinematic images of light and colliding angles evoking sensation and a visceral connection to the world around her. In front of the camera or behind the camera, Giada’s works depict simplistic natural beauty and its juxtaposition to the urban landscape. Whether it be through the delivery of photographic expression or focus on the human thespian; Giada’s media art hones in on the portrayal of graphic prose.





Giada Alexia Nigro

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